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Learn Thai Language

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Course Requirements

✅ Students are expected to have basic Thai speaking and listening skills. (Reading skill is not required)

Course Description

How it works?

Learning a new language is never just from the textbook alone! Speaking practice is effective and essential to help you achieve your Thai speaking goal.

Who should enroll in Pood Thai Buddy?

Anyone who is currently learning Thai language and have basics in speaking and listening is recommended to join. 


You may spend your session credit on any Buddy depending on time availability. For example, you may book a session with Buddy Prem for your first session and choose Buddy Mild on your next session.

Learning Session

Each private Pood Thai Buddy session is 40 minutes long and will be conducted on ZOOM or Google Meet. Start practising Thai speaking with Pood Thai Buddy today! 

Private small group class can be arranged. Kindly message us for more information.

How to register?

Kindly fill up the form to register here
👉🏻Register to PoodThaiBuddy

Course Outcomes

🤩 Get used to spoken Thai language by speaking and listening to native Thai speakers

🤩 Build your Thai language 'muscle memory' : to be able to construct your sentence and speech easily without thinking

🤩 Widen your vocabulary in spoken Thai language! do note that natives do not always speak like what you read in the textbook! 

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Course Curriculum


Mild - Age 23

Hi there! I’m Mild, and I’m very excited to talk to you. Sharing new things with new friends helps widen perspectives. Thanks for coming to open up my world, buddy!

Win - Age 29

Your Thai buddy who loves travelling, taking photos, baking, and especially listening! Let’s speak Thai together!

Kru Dream - Age 29

On my way to become a good listener, enjoy being here and there

Numfon - Age 29

"Optimistic person : I believe that we are what we think. I always try to figure out the good thing from some bad thing just in case it will turn into a good learning experience. Talkative person: If we get close enough, you'll realize that I'm a talkative person. I like to tell my friends interesting stories to brighten up their day and make them happy"

Meen - Age 28

" I'm an easygoing person and nice to meet you all na krab :) "

Smile - Age 27

"Girl who be passionate about traveling and in deep relationships with food. Like to meet new people and learn new things. I am not perfect but I am limited edition"

Tale - Age 27

" I like to meet and talk with many people, we can learn from each other about everything"

Noon - Age 29

A Person who believes in ambition and going for the things you want. Let's share your passion and make it come true :))

Smile - Age 23

I’m friendly with another people that I never know them before, funny and easy smiley face

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